Welcome to M. Rosewood Music Catalogue!

  These pieces of work have already proved to be beneficial during the past years and now, yielding to the external interest shown, they appear in the present format in the hope that they will turn out to be useful for others as well.

   The original aim was to broaden the marimba repertoire but it was complemented by further fields during the making. Thus one can find in the catalogue concert pieces for percussion (Signals – a telegraph message, for twelve drums and a recording) or solo marimba (Wind-Rose-Wood-Cuts), marimba transcriptions (of music by Mussorgsky, György Ligeti and other Hungarian music), percussion pieces having a pedagogical aim, either in solo or various chamber music set-up. Sound and video recordings of the catalogue’s pieces can also be found on the page. The notes are not available in music shops and can only be ordered by contacting the publisher. This is also how those who are interested can get information about the current prices of the publications. You can place your sheet music order through the message window on the right.

                                                                                      Wishing You a pleasant browsing,

September, 2013.